Re: Greetings from Sweden

Julkaisija Vastaukset
AfX # Posted on 7.5.2008 at 10.34
Profiilikuva käyttäjästä AfX

Hi all

I have been a politically ’sleeping’ individual since gaining the right to vote 6odd years ago, but now finally i have a cause to use my vote for :)

Anyway, i am more of a realist in the sense that there is little chance in getting to either the Finnish or Swedish Parliament as the current social landscape looks like (where the Swedish Parliament is definitely more possible), so im more hoping that this movement will be able to create awareness, create discussion, lobby for change in social/economic/cultural values in a way that will make us loose the ’edge’ of direct piratism on the net (which i do practice, so am not denying ;)) and appeal to people in the same way the new business revenue streams (such as Google’s and Blyk’s ad-funded models) and the youth-generation driven business models are appealing.

I will raise these issues in the finnish meeting in Tampere this month, but i have several open questions in my mind, which i hope to get some input from both our party-colleagues in sweden as well as our own national future/current members:

– How do we loose the stigma without loosing sight of our core values. My marketing manager told me once when i was fretting over tweaking our image over minor changes to boost brand awareness, that [i am] weak by not believing in the simple, straight forward message of our core value in delivering results.
– Are we aiming for too low right now by only aiming at national and E parliaments, should we expand to lobby (and register – thanks to Alexander Stubb *grrr*) the EU, for what the EC stipulates to be law, must be implemented in the individual countries unless they wave a exception clause for a x number of years based on excuses that i believe are not relevant in the case of freedom of speech, information and culture.
– How can we harmonise the internation PirateParty, by sharing of knowledge and creating a common community – no im not talking about some communist collective ideals, but rather that social networking, and utilising the brain capacity of our collective intellect will be better in harmonising the efforts for the individual country-clusters.

Allright, im sorry if this is a bit incoherent, i am currently in a very boring meeting, and trying to look as if im typing an email ;)


p.s. Yarrrrrrrr