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Matti Hiltunen # Posted on 10.4.2008 at 12.48
Profiilikuva käyttäjästä Matti Hiltunen

Periaatteessa voisin sisällyttää ainakin omaan luonnokseeni, koska piraattiliike on ottanut kantaa läpinäkyvyyteen.

Piratpartietin periaateohjelmasta:

The Pirate Party has no opinion on whether Sweden should or should not be a
member of the European Union, but now that we are, we have a right to demand that
the union is governed by democratic principles. The democratic shortage in the
Union must be addressed in the long term, and the first step is to prevent it from
being set in stone through a bad constitution. The proposed European Union
constitution that France and the Netherlands voted against shall not be accepted,
neither in its original form nor with cosmetic changes.

Decision-making and governmental administration in both Sweden and the
European Union shall be characterized by transparency and openness. Swedish
representatives in the EU shall act to bring the Union closer to the Swedish principle
of public access to records.