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slash # Posted on 31.1.2014 at 3.17
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[b]Status-update regarding spreading – 01.30.2014 (compared to the 01.29.2014):[/b]

– spreading actions:
— more threads started on message boards
— more copyright-critical non-end-users incorporated
— the wicked czech pirates created and set up huge in real life ! Check it out:

– statistics – :
— Austria got ahead of the UK and now is on position 2
— Global alexa rank clearly improved from 604,051 to 585,656; so we jumped approximately 20.000 positions ahead ^^ …

– important strategic note:
— this friday is the last day, when it makes sence to incorporate copyright-critical non-end-users like NGOs, ISPs, libraries, companies, costumer protection associations, etc. !
The reason for this is, that such actors are not that flexible in replying input from outside than a private person; organizations have
longer internal process structures and thus need more time. So, consider this and make use of this last opportunity by focussing on such actors on friday.

[b]Please go into the spread pad – – and continue the good work ![/b]
6 days left.

/ aka Oliver