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Greetings from Sweden

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  • Profiilikuva käyttäjästä usenetzaptoorg

    May the voters be with you and your seats in parliament will be well used.
    See you in EU.. if you go there. We have 4% obstacle to breach here in sweden.

    Welcome onboard,
    HR in swedish forum


    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä eran



    Yarr! Nice to hear greetings and cheers from our neighbours too! Afterall, we all share the same goals and purposes.

    Things are only getting started… But so far it’s looking good. We’ll see how things are gonna work out ;)

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä olavi



    Yarrr to our role models in Sweden!

    Here in Finland the large parties are trying to make things hard for small parties. I hope we’ll have time to convince the public that we’re important too.

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä Bigturska




    Hopefully Piratpartiet and Piraattipuolue will be succesfull in all of their goals!

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä Stormhierta

    Hi all pirates in Finland!

    All the best wishes and focus on the election to the European Parliament in 2009. It has generally been a time where fewer voters come to the stands in all European countries than local elections, which means that you need less people to get a seat (or more seats!) if you can mobilize people. Focus on the young generation first and foremost, but don’t forget to reach out to all ages.

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä Scoffa




    thank you for reminding about it.
    Almost everyone here have been discussing about getting into Finnish Parliament and forgot all about EU parliament.
    This is something we need to rise up in discussion and get into it.
    I myself don’t have a idea what’s the possibilities to get into EU parliament but generally it has popular image of first being in finnish parliament or active in politics for a long time before starting to get into EU parliament.
    But like I said, needs to get deeper into.

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä eran



    My point of view is that by co-operating with other Pirate Parties in European Union we may have better chances to get into the Parliament. When Finland will have its’ Piraattipuolue as an officially registered party, we should start considerating different options of partnership with other pirate parties world-wide. By working globally we will get more influence through different campaigns on certain days et cetera.

    Does the cooperation with other pirate parties sound impossible?

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä usenetzaptoorg

    Cooperating with others Pirate parties is important and should be done outside parliament too. By visiting the international pirate conference in Uppsala this summer, Piraattipuolue will be a important player in pirate community.

    Piraattipuolue could reach parliament very easy because I see that you have only 1% to reach over to get one or more seats in finnish parliament. Thought you don’t have left-right divide as we do in sweden. Like this: 48% – 48% and other parties 4%.

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä eran



    Indeed that 1% would be easy to reach, but Finnish Kokoomus and Keskusta parties have suggested to change the election treshold to 4% before the next elections. And we could consider that as a challenge, as you – fellow pirate friends – in Sweden do.

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä jjuha




    Any suggestions how I can get into Swedish Piratpartiet since I’m moving to Sweden in a month or so? ;)

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä usenetzaptoorg


    Any suggestions how I can get into Swedish Piratpartiet since I’m moving to Sweden in a month or so? ;)[/quote]
    Here is our signup-page:


    You can contact party via mail if you already want to signup as foreigner.

    Remember if you are member before our annual meeting propably in April you can vote for new board etc.

    We usually have our Årsmöte online.

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä olavi



    [quote=usenetzaptoorg]Piraattipuolue could reach parliament very easy because I see that you have only 1% to reach over to get one or more seats in finnish parliament. Thought you don’t have left-right divide as we do in sweden. Like this: 48% – 48% and other parties 4%.[/quote]
    Our problem is that Finland already has a party that gets about 5 % of the votes: the Swedish People’s Party. It’s hard to tip the scale because they’ve been doing it for the past 50 years very successfully. That’s good news for you: it actually works!

    Profiilikuva käyttäjästä AfX



    Hi all

    I have been a politically ’sleeping’ individual since gaining the right to vote 6odd years ago, but now finally i have a cause to use my vote for :)

    Anyway, i am more of a realist in the sense that there is little chance in getting to either the Finnish or Swedish Parliament as the current social landscape looks like (where the Swedish Parliament is definitely more possible), so im more hoping that this movement will be able to create awareness, create discussion, lobby for change in social/economic/cultural values in a way that will make us loose the ’edge’ of direct piratism on the net (which i do practice, so am not denying ;)) and appeal to people in the same way the new business revenue streams (such as Google’s and Blyk’s ad-funded models) and the youth-generation driven business models are appealing.

    I will raise these issues in the finnish meeting in Tampere this month, but i have several open questions in my mind, which i hope to get some input from both our party-colleagues in sweden as well as our own national future/current members:

    – How do we loose the stigma without loosing sight of our core values. My marketing manager told me once when i was fretting over tweaking our image over minor changes to boost brand awareness, that [i am] weak by not believing in the simple, straight forward message of our core value in delivering results.
    – Are we aiming for too low right now by only aiming at national and E parliaments, should we expand to lobby (and register – thanks to Alexander Stubb *grrr*) the EU, for what the EC stipulates to be law, must be implemented in the individual countries unless they wave a exception clause for a x number of years based on excuses that i believe are not relevant in the case of freedom of speech, information and culture.
    – How can we harmonise the internation PirateParty, by sharing of knowledge and creating a common community – no im not talking about some communist collective ideals, but rather that social networking, and utilising the brain capacity of our collective intellect will be better in harmonising the efforts for the individual country-clusters.

    Allright, im sorry if this is a bit incoherent, i am currently in a very boring meeting, and trying to look as if im typing an email ;)


    p.s. Yarrrrrrrr

Esillä 14 viestiä, 1 - 14 (kaikkiaan 14)

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